OpenBSD mirror hosted by University of Toronto

(now also in https!)
pub/OpenBSD              <-----  You may want to start here.
pub/OpenBSD/6.6          <-----  Most recent release of OpenBSD
pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/   <-----  Most recent snapshots (current)

Note: many slower platforms will not have 6.6 packages available at this time.

Services provided by this mirror

rsync modules:
sixsix		OpenBSD 6.6 release
sixfive		OpenBSD 6.5 release
snapshots       OpenBSD snapshots
openbsd         top of current pub/OpenBSD, with releases and snapshots
Replication from the master install file repository is every two hours.

Service window

A weekly service window is reserved Sunday between 9:00am and 12:00noon Eastern Time. It will rarely be used, and will usually cause only brief interruptions. Urgent maintenance may be done whenever the need occurs.

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